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Monday, January 23, 2017

Man slashes cops with knife

BUKIT MERTAJAM (23/01/2017): Three policemen were injured when a man armed with a 30cm knife attacked them after fleeing a routine check at a gaming outlet in Jalan Pasar here.
Both Insp M. Ganesh, 56, and Kons S. Vivegananthan, 26, were slashed on their arms while Kons Mohamad Khusairi Aha­mad, 22, was stabbed in the thigh.
At 11.30pm on Saturday, the policemen were carrying out a check at the gaming outlet under Ops Hujung Minggu.
Central Seberang Prai OCPD Asst Comm Nik Ros Azhan Nik Abdul Hamid said two men and a woman were playing at the machines when the policemen entered and identified themselves.
“When the policemen told them that they would be taken to the police headquarters in Bandar Perda for a urine test, one of the men tried to flee through the front entrance,” he said.
The cops gave chase.
“During the scuffle, the man suddenly drew the knife tucked at his waist and tried to stab Ganesh on the neck. But he missed and injured the policeman’s right arm instead,” ACP Nik Ros said.
Mohd Fahimie Ahmad
He said Mohamad Khusairi was stabbed in the right thigh and Vivegananthan was slashed on his right arm when they tried to disarm the man.
“The man then ran through the shop’s back entrance, locking the door from outside and escaped via the roof.”
ACP Nik Ros said firemen were called in to help track down the man but could not find him even after a two-hour search.
Mohamad Khusairi was treated at the Seberang Jaya Hospital while the two other cops received outpatient care at a nearby hospital.
The 32-year-old woman, who is from Machang Bubok, is believed to be the wife of the armed man and has been placed under remand.
The other man who was picked up at the outlet has been released.
ACP Nik Ros said the woman’s urine tested positive for amphetamine, adding that she also had a previous drug record.
“A Honda EX5 motorcycle in her possession was seized after checks found that it has been reported stolen,” he said.
Police are now looking for Mohd Fahimie Ahmad (pic), 30, whose last known address is at Kampung Petani, Kubang Semang, to help in investigations. He has a criminal record for rape and theft.

The current case is being investigated under Section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder.

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