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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Relief all round as boy returned unharmed

KUCHING --- The parents of an abducted seven-year-old boy heaved a sigh of relief after their 26-hour anguish over his disappearance came to an end yesterday when he was safely returned by the very same man believed to have taken him.

Storekeeper Suhini Abdullah said no one in the family slept a wink the entire night following his son Haiqal Hakimi’s apparent abduction from the front of his parents-in-law’s house at 1pm on Monday as they were hoping for the boy’s safe return.

“We were up the whole night hoping Haiqal would show up, thinking that whoever took him would return him to us.

“I was not present when my son was sent to my mother’s house at Kampung Sungai Laruh in Petra Jaya around 3pm, although I was later told the man who dropped Haiqal off was the same person who rode off with him on Monday,” said the 39-year-old, adding that it was Haiqal who provided the man with directions to the house.

A weary-looking Suhini went on to express his relief that nothing untoward had happened to Haiqal – the second of four sons – and wanted to put the whole ordeal behind.

“I don’t know who the man who took my son is, or what his motive was, but Haiqal said nothing bad happened to him.

“He said the man even bought him a stuffed toy tiger to play with and fed him three meals yesterday (Monday) apart from making sure he performed his prayers.”

Suhaini was met yesterday at the Sarawak General Hospital where he and his wife, who is expecting their fifth child, brought Haiqal for a medical checkup accompanied by police personnel.

The family left the hospital together with police after doctors gave Haiqal, who was cheerful and talkative throughout, a clean bill of health.

When asked about the woman initially seen approaching his son in a video recording of the incident, Suhini speculated that the unknown woman could have been a ‘concerned citizen’ who may have been worried at the sight of Haiqal alone by the roadside in front of his grandparents’ house.

Footage obtained from closed-circuit television (CCTV) located at a building near the grandparents’ house at Jalan Muda Hashim, which went viral on social media, showed a woman approaching Haiqal and leading him towards a motorcyclist, who then rides off with him while leaving the woman behind.

Meanwhile, police have moved quickly and arrested a man in his 30s in connection with the case following information obtained from the public.

District police chief ACP Abang Ahmad Abang Julai confirmed that a team comprising D9 unit personnel from district and state police headquarters arrested the man at a house at Kampung Siol Kandis at 5pm yesterday.

“Initial investigation found that the boy did not know the suspect. The victim was treated well and spent the night at the man’s house before providing him with directions to his paternal grandmother’s house,” said Abang Ahmad, while also confirming that Haiqal was healthy and unhurt.

In a press conference earlier yesterday, the police had classified the case as abduction under Section 363 of the Penal Code.

The suspect is currently being held in the lockup and will be remanded to facilitate further investigation.

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